Scultpture repair

Elizabeth Jackson Hall, artist, painter, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Elizabeth Jackson Hall, artist, painter, Mary, from St. Bernard's, Toronto

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

I had the good fortune to have been commissioned to make a copy of this significant icon of Our Lady for St. Mary's Catholic Church in Brampton, as part of my experience in church restoration. The preparation and study took nearly a year and a half, during which I learned to make traditional gesso and grind my own paints. In the end, however, the icon was so large that I resorted to modern means to prevent the piece from cracking.  The study, rendered at the same time, with prayers and anointing, remains at home for our own devotions.  It has been blessed in the Orthodox tradition. 

The restoration and repainting of religious sculpture is both an interest and act of faith for me. I have repainted figures made of plaster, cement and terra cotta.  The broken hands and worn feet of the Saints draw me close to those who have used these earthly images for their devotions.

Elizabeth Jackson Hall, artist, painter, Jesus from St. Bernard's, Toronto

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help, oil and acrylic on maple with gold leaf, 16" 20" 2006