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During the lockdown, one of the few venues commissioners of fine art were the BIA's and StreetArt Toronto, so I turned my hand to murals.  My theatrical painting experience came in handy.

Books give you Wings

The Manda mural graces the side of this publishing house at Annette St. and Windemere, and was commission by the Baby Point BIA.

Manda Mural: Books give you Wings, Windermere Ave., Toronto

Junction BIA 

Window Wonderland 2022

Haveli Home Interiors

This was my first mural for the Junction BIA's window Wonderland mural festival in 2022.  Inspired by Indian Kalamkari painting, it depicts the Tree of Life. I took the colour of the piece from some of the store's gorgeous textiles. I was assisted by Neepisi Sutherland.

Tree of life for mural; initial ink drawing
Tree of Life Mural for Haveli Home Interiors
haveli Home interiors fabric

Tree of Life

Jack Frost

Jacks Frost Mural, Window Wonderland Junction BIA festival, Toronto

Junction BIA 

Window Wonderland 2023

Taylor and Hazel Architects

This was my second mural for the Junction BIA's window Wonderland mural festival.  For this, I took the idea of Casa Loma shrouded in early snow from photos of the firms restoration work on this iconic Toronto monument. Lucy Swarney was my assistant.

The initial sketch for the weasels


My first job for StreetArt Toronto were two the Scarlett Road bike path barriers.  For this I looked to the local wild life for my subject, the Least weasel.

weasels running on bike barriers on Scarlett Ave., Toronto

Runnymede Lion

This trompe-l'œil painting was commissioned by the Runnymede Parent Council to grace the front door of this well know elementary school.  It is painted in artist's oil on alocore and I am glad to say, it has remains in its original condition despite the burning sun. Unlike all my other murals, it was also painted in my studio. It was also my first mural. In order to get the shadows right, I first built a full sculptured maquette in clay.

Trompe-l'œil Lion mural, Runnymede Public school
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